Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bar Girls in Pattaya - Cultural Background

     Pattaya is a dream destination for many men. Where else can you enjoy the company of young, sexy women who would otherwise not give you the time of the day in your home country? In Pattaya, everyone can find a sexy, sweet and fun girl to spend some time with. The bar girls in Pattaya lure you over by shouting out or just sending you a coy smile. It's easy to lose your head when you have a bar girl in Pattaya slide up to you.
     The bar girls in Pattaya come from all over Thailand, but the majority of them are from the north east area of Thailand called Isaan. The people here are often of Lao or Khmer descent and have strong traditions. They are mostly farmers and many of the bar girls in Pattaya end up there, because they don't want to work in the rice paddy or in a low paid job.
The glamour of Pattaya draws many of them to this seaside resort. They may have seen girls from their home village return triumphantly with new found wealth and maybe a western boyfriend or husband. That gives them new status and the other girls see it and want it as well.
     That's why it's such a unique experience to travel to Pattaya. The bar girls in Pattaya are genuinely interested in meeting you and to have a good time. They hope that you will not forget them and they all dream of a life in Thailand with you as their husband or abroad.
Just keep your head on straight and you will have a great time in Pattaya.

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