Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go to the club in Cancun, Mexico

They want out and party, if you break or spring vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Everyone wants to do it. It 'a good time. You're too late, but it will be worth it. There are many clubs you visit, if they can last longer in Cancun. Some of them are basic, Coco Bongo, The City, Daddy O, and more. There are some things that you know should go to these places. These things will save you money and effort.

Let's start with going to the club.The party starts late in the evening, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Usually about 11.00 clock should take a nap in the afternoon, so you have enough energy for the night. E 'to play club music and dance. It can be stressful if you are well rested.

How do you do for the club in Cancun?

You can use the public bus. This costs you.80 cents. To ensure a dollar. It will not change the bus driver. The bus is very cheapcompared to a taxi. The cabins can be expensive. If you live in one of the top of Cancun, the taxi will run 8:00 to 12:00 you dollars in the United States. Money. This is not for the tip.

The other way to get to the club, and the best way is to go with the hotel on their transport. Every place is usually running and bus to another club every night. You can also pay and get your bracelet from the person that the hotel is by bus. L 'Ride is free. You are there, but you must find the way back. Another advantage is the hotel is that you do not wait in line. If you like, you can in a very long line waiting to enter, buses for the club 's hotel you get to right away.

Back from the club, you can take a bus or a taxi. Make sure at least a dollar to play. Stay with your group of friends. This is particularly true forYou girls together. If. Do not come back to himself. Cancun is very safe, but why take the risk. If you see a guy in the hotel are with you and they ask you if you can go back with them.

Now a tip on the club.

There is a club called Basic. You pay your money and get a bracelet. In this way we arrive at the club and includes bottle service all night. Attention, are no more bottle service all night. A bottlealcohol and then the man disappears. This is a scam. You will have paid 40.00 to 45.00 U.S. dollar, so that whatever you drink and you will be able to achieve anything. Knowing the bar is virtually impossible. If you want the bar to get people who work there are obviously require a tip every time. If you do not come with a bit of their liking, expect for the rest of the evening will be ignored.

Recommendation: Stay far, far away from the clubBasic.

The best deal going is a 3-Club Tour run by a company called better day. You pay 40.00 to 45.00 U.S. This will take you to get in 3 different teams. You get 2 hours for each club. Some of the clubs that are on this journey Coco Bongo, the city and Senior frogs, among others. Knowing the bar is much easier than the other club, it is not advisable. This is a great trip, if you look at what's to see what, if you want to go to one of thosethem. If you like one of those 's trip, you can just stay there. Have not gone near the bar

After going to the club, expect to be on the way back to town around the clock 03:30 Do not forget to stay safe and stay with friends. You have a good time and a wonderful experience.

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