Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holidays in Thailand - Part 1

I live here in Thailand and have been for almost two years. Many of my friends in America have always made me questions like: what to do and where I stay. Let's see if I can help a bit '. After careful consideration that probably will need more of a post. So here is the first.

All good centers, if you're single or family trip. There are few places in Thailand where almost do not want to take yourFamily. I would suggest that Pattaya is not a place to take your family. Pattaya is almost but not quite a single refuge. Many adult entertainment oriented, ie, go-go bar with topless dancers sometimes naked, and a plethora of prostitutes. "Although the government of Thailand says it is not a prostitute." :-) I put a word here that the family vacation in Pattaya. There are some families here, sailing,Fishing, surfing, para-sailing, etc. but in general it is usually oriented adult.

I would suggest the best family area, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. These places are geared for families. As for the hotels. If you have any suggestions google hotel, you will see quite reaches the top of the structure. Try googleing "cheap". It 'my opinion, the area Suhkumvit Bangkok hotel is more accessible and easier to handle, this part of town. Especially nearNana and Asoke area. These two area have easy access to Skytrain overhead and underground. There are a lot of shopping centers, restaurants and internet cafes. There are too many tourists in this area but this is sometimes a good thing, because there is virtually no crime in this area, the Police frown on tourists in Thailand robbed and English spoken here is quite good.

As for Chiang May try a downtown hotelnear the large central square. You will find everything to be close, shopping, night market, pubs, restaurants, guides, etc.

I am not so aware of Phuket but I suggest you stay close to the beaches in downtown Phuket.

The weather here in Thailand is always good, if not always a bit 'hot, though, depending on the season, can be a bit' cold in the evening. Wear light clothing. Walking shorts, short sleeve shirts, sandals walk. You will probably havedo a lot of walking, so bring your favorite, comfortable shoes. Bring a sweater or light jacket for a few nights. Do not wear enough, do not worry, you'll find everything you want here that goes well with cosmetics. Do not pack, you can soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, umbrellas, indeed, almost everything. So, to pack. E 'in bookstores galore Suhkumvit area, you can find all the maps and guides there.

I probablysomething left, but will try to work in my next post.

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