Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Tour of the nightlife of Patong

Patong nightlife is famous for Thailand. Some compare the nightlife of Patong in places like Patong or Pattaya to Bangkok. There are many similarities, but Patong have their own identity.

So, what to offer the nightlife of Phuket? Now all the stories you heard are true. Patong is the cheap beer, go-go bars, beer, dancing and of course lots of girls.

Patong nightlife is not for everyone, but if these areopen-minded and do not mind that some people rather rude, you can have fun in Patong. Do not expect anything special, and will not be disappointed.

Patong nightlife is incredibly bleak. There are rows of go-go bars, strip and sex shows where you can see. He sees something strange in Patong, including Lady Boys, who sometimes chase through the streets is to try to attract his attention. Smile and be polite, orend with a punch in the face.

Also in Patong, Phuket's gay nightlife in Soi Paradise. If you are going to a gay Phuket travelers, or if you just kind of curious what 's the problem, then Soi Paradise is an open, welcoming place where things get a bit' of steam from time to time can be obtained. Go with an open mind.

Most of the entertainment in Patong had on Bangla Road. Bangla is where most of the bars and clubs. The area is dirty and smells funny, but it is the center ofNightlife of Patong.

There are several small sois from Bangla Road, each with its own small selection of bars, clubs and restaurants. Choose to explore and enjoy.

Most people who come to Phuket or love or hate the nightlife of Patong. It's a pity then Patong Phuket one of the few places on the island that attracts enough people be interested in the nightlife.

As for the music, does not offer the nightlife of Patong is not much. There are few places with LiveMusic, but most of the bars and clubs in Patong are strong doses of pop, hip hop and dance music hits. There are some exceptions, but the Thai girls love to belt out dance beats senseless.

Nightlife in Patong is far from perfect, but if you're in Patong, you're sure to meet some interesting characters. People watch a lot of fun in Patong. All you have to do is a bar, order a beer and watch the endless stream of peopleMovement in all directions along the road.

You'll have fun if you go to party in Patong, but feels a little 'cheese from time to time. Patong is known that to gain some 'real people crazy, especially during high season. It 's a shame that the world beer louts and hooligans from traveling to Phuket seems preferable, but for the most part, if you stay off the road, stay on you.

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