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Asian Women Dating - Thai Girls Part 1

For those of you who may, like me, are attracted to Asian women, there are some things to smooth the rocky road to a happy and successful. As in any relationship there are ups and downs, good times and difficult times, but these fluctuations may be the girls seem much more dramatic and intense with Asia. Sometimes it can feel like we're on a roller coaster. The ride is exhilarating, passionate and sometimes painful, rewarding and sobering. One thingyou can say that it is not boring! In this first installment, I would like to investigate and help some of my observations and experiences with the beautiful ladies from Thailand and hopefully, other exotic and navigate this treacherous path.

Ahh, the thrill and excitement of being in Thailand, the climate is hot, the food is hot, and, oh my lord. It was said that Thai women are the most beautiful women in the world. This is of course subjective, and that brings me to my firstand perhaps most important point to get out of Thai women or woman for that matter. It 's all subjective, personal and unique. There can be no absolute "understanding" of the Thai ladies. They are all individual, unique and constantly evolving. We discuss some general knowledge about the environment, culture and outcomes, such as those seen in the Lord, but we must never for a moment that every woman is different password. This can not be stressed enough. Once we startThe generalization and placing a person in a box of his ideas is the beginning of the end. We never want to do directly with the other person to do, but only limited by our ideas. While many Thai women have some things in common, I found that individuals rather unique and I have to throw away almost everything I thought I had learned a new girl, before a meeting in one. So please remember this and help you with all yourRelations.

The family. The first thing to understand about Thai girls is the fierce loyalty and service they give to their families. Thai girls, especially her older sister are required capable of taking care of their parents and family in whatever way they are. As a potential partner, we understand the deep loyalty and commitment. We are always second, and the family will be the first. If we can understand and accept, will go a long way to a successful relationship. Tostrengthen this loyalty and the desire to pay their parents and take care of the family that I like a statement from a friend of mine who works in the area of nightlife to cite facts. To put it in context, I had an interview and tried to persuade her to work in factories for less money to work one by one and stop working in bars. Your answer without a moment's hesitation, was "My body is not me, my body is not a man, is my body for my mother. I do what I canto pick up my mother. This body is not mine, this body of my mother. "When I heard I was flat. I was new in Thailand and Asia, and I was speechless. For all media hype crazy traffic of a girl forced into prostitution and human knowledge by direct experience of many Thais is believe that mothers are often the biggest pimp, send their daughters to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and other destinations to earn money. These girls often live quitecheaply, saving every baht, so they can send home to their mothers. Do not take my word, come and interview some ladies themselves. Anyway, back to the topic in question, this is obviously an extreme example, but illuminates the depth of respect and loyalty that the Thai girls have for their family, especially his parents. We can only hope that the best thing to do. We will never affect the number one girl. While it is important, a decision for themselves or theirFamily, you lose every time! Understanding this from the beginning, then we can accept it and make the most of it. That said, the best way to address this, once you are sure to make a commitment to a girl is to embrace his family at 100%. This is a completely different ball game and is beyond the scope of this article, but can be an adventure, to say the least.

The second point that I feel is necessary to understand is money. Asia is not the West. We often forget thisand try to apply Western ideals and customs in dealing with Asians. Now I'm not talking about prostitutes, bar girls or massage girls here when I say that money is very important for Asian women. The so-called "good girls are after money. Now do not get angry now. Remember, we can apply our limited Western prejudices, living in Asia. Parents want their daughters to marry a man enough money, that is, a man, their care canand family. This is 'SOT Sin' in the ancient Thai tradition of the show or what we would call a dowry. It is often considered to provide an illustration of the ability of individuals and to show his wealth, or the intention to marry used. I know many cases where the sin sot promptly returned the man was, or in a joint statement the couple or the family of Thai land or a house, if one or both. Now, first of all pious condescension and Asians because they are so materialistic, and we lack onlyfor our money, we need to take a second and think about the British or American normal girl that you want. marry a rich man, but the way this is not to deal with overt and, in my opinion, not as " honest. "Thai girls can be very handy. If we do not want to put aside our cultural blinders, can be easily removed and "honesty" annoyed found in this regard. In Asia, there is no wall between sex, dating, marriage and money $ $. Girls have grown up in thisCulture on these things together to see how, without the need to separate them, as do we in the West. A beautiful girl is likely to be a rich husband. market value and sexual attractiveness are seen in terms of money. In Asia, the view is not a bad thing, or a phrase. We can not judge the Asians to mix love and money so easy, if we want to find happiness here. I prefer it as an honest and open approach to thinking. So do not be surprised if yourAmata "teerak" decides to leave you because you do not have enough money. It is not necessarily the love, only love and money can not be distinguished clearly as they are here in the West. The second part is to understand this, that, considered as rich Western Thais. We will pay more for the same goods and services, as the common perception is that we have more money than the Thais. So even if you're like me, and not veryThe money will be perceived as rich and expects to pay and help, and it is likely, as has been said that we could a girl if you do not soon show some ways to generate prosperity. I know of cases where the boy was still in love with a girl, but here the parents would not allow her to marry him because he had not enough money or a good job. Back to rule number one, of course, listen and follow their parents first, and "Dump the hip", so to speak in a"Bangkok seconds! It can be a harsh reality to be here. In this culture, you can not expect much success in finding a good woman, if you have the sexual market value (money) is limited. This is the stark reality. Now we all know many guys who are worthless Thai 100% supported by the hard work and loyal wife. They spend their days drinking and gambling and whoring does not work, while working wife or girlfriend to give him money, Strange but very true. This will not happen with Western men. WeFarang are foreigners, and be perceived as a farang, to be rich, the girls speak Thai would face the loss of a boyfriend or husband by farang was that his happiness so on. Farang often a status symbol for Thai girls and are proud of you and show you to the village. Display the ATM fish landed and now live a good life. If you do not play this role and have a bit of baht each, then the prospects will be limited and short-term. InThailand, it is expected that the man is ready (it has $ $), have a girlfriend or wife, or should not he want to be updated. As I said, every girl is unique and different. I have had some success with the poor Thai girl while living here, while I was dirty. They are sometimes like to eat 'pasta Stra├če "(15-25 baht) with you every day, but this is the exception, not the rule, and I am sure that parents do not approve and would like a daughter to be dating menmore money. It 's the same situation in the West or the world for the rest, only an honest and in your "way of dealing with it face.

These two points are the biggies, just want to know 'list' for dating a Thai girl. There are countless other cultural and perceptual differences, the daily challenge of his life with your teerak (favorite) can be, but I think they are less important and usually does not "show stopper". In fact, many of these differences werethere are very nice. Thai women are often attentive companion you will ever do. Thai men in this country live like kings in their home. Thai girls are taught to take care of a man and cultivated from an early age how to cook and clean, and wrinkle-shirt, and really take care and keep people happy . A few examples I can think of my ex-girlfriends, things like scissors or a nail are popping pimple on your back, or massage. I can not imagine how impossible it iswould be to get American to cut finger nails and the town for you, much less pop pimples on your back! I did not know what to say when a former girlfriend in Thailand has started to do these things for me. How many Western women in this generation really cook and clean and take from her husband? No, I want a maid, or you have to cook for them, or invite them to take to dinner. Not in Thailand, many women have to demonstrate very worried about me, who can cook, and ifVisit them at home, naturally, begins to clean for you and your clothes wrinkle. I remember a few years ago, walking in the bathroom one morning feeling all groggy from sleep. I went to the sink and started to reach my toothbrush and toothpaste on it realized it already! My teerak had my toothbrush for me, so when I woke up I was waiting to be used are made. Try to get the common bitchy feminist western girls do that too. I dare you! I'llback at a safe distance and watch! No, Thai girls are very intelligent, they know they get what they need, that to be polite, feminine, and you take care of her.

So all my heart I should take the plunge and experience what it's like a good Thai girl. I advise you not to make a woman bargirl in common a loyal, if there are so many beautiful girls who make good farang death. It is simply not worth it andKummer why add more problems, which may have a difficult situation. So, keep your prejudices, ideals Western and control beliefs, take a dose of patience and keep an open mind, and I'm sure you will not regret. The journey can be a bit 'bumpy here and there, but worth the ticket price.

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