Friday, October 22, 2010

Nightlife Sosua in the Dominican Republic

The average traveler is not much nightlife in Sosua. Most travelers to Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic probably end up at an All Inclusive Resort and spend the week in hotels in their hotel sipping Pina Colada.

And for a family to Sosua, which may be the best option. But if your a single traveler and looking for some unique and exciting nightlife that I highly recommend for a couple of nights to experience the city.

Sosua is abeautiful little town on the beach during the day. At night the lights go out, bars are open on this, and the girls are coming, most of the girls who will be found in Sosua "Working Girls". But if you decide in this experience you can still have a great time to participate drink, flirt and dance the night away.

The small town is full of many small "beach bar". beach bars are generally small bar that feel they have an open dialoguethem. You can go to the bar and take a few pesos to the President and sit back and enjoy the same view. More than likely during the night of the girls' his work was approached by a few sentences of "but you can always send away politely. More than likely, though, you end up chatting with them, dance with them, and only one time completely good. Although officially "work" are not strictly business. They are normal girlstrying to have fun.

If you prefer billboards of the club scene in the bar scene then you do not want to miss Club Club XX are all over the Sosua. The club is medium in size. It 's dark and usually crowded. It 's a great place to dance in the night. The club is open for those of you to go past 4:00, the energy, all night.

There is also a casino in Sosua, after all offers hours crowd. The tables are not so high stakes, if you arewant to test your luck at roulette or blackjack, is a good place to go for a good time.

My advice to you is a voice Sosua villa or apartment instead of booking a week in rent at the hotel. As a luxury hotel might be some good to be more likely to wind up is miss the fantastic nightlife Sosua.

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