Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Money Number One in Thailand

If ever "money number one" was set in time as a national catch cry, it would have to be in Thailand where the phrase "money number one" is used countless times daily by many of the Thai people in dealing with the thousands of foreign tourists they regularly encounter.

Neil Hutchinson, an Aussie expat living in Pattaya has been instrumental in writing a series of books around the money number one catch cry, which have become extremely popular best sellers in recent Years ...

The first book actually titled "Money Number One", was the first time in several years and has been posted several times before upgrading to suit the change of flow Koh always emotionally and sexually hungry hordes of single men, Phuket, have set as Pattaya, Sumu, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, of course, including a regular "drink" in the last 50 years.

While money Number One with his other books, titles like "A Fool in Paradise," "TheFool is Back" and "A Fools Diary" are written somewhat tongue in cheek, they epitomize the humor in the sometimes ridiculous and other times tragic relationships which spring up between the local inhabitants and the dyed in the wool westerners who attempt to introduce western cultural ways and ethics into a society based on thousands of years of immense cultural difference where money number one has been a way of life long before the modern western man set foot in the beautiful country known as Thailand.

Thailand primarily local set of travel south of Pattaya on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Siam in the stories included are money Number One series of books and their corresponding continuations and supplements vary in length and topic, however, all for the majority of cases real events over the years through their personal experience of Neil and others on the basis of shared or told to Neil in person at one of the many>bars and haunts he frequents in order to carry out his somewhat clandestine research.

Dubbed by many as "The Single Man's Survival Guide to Pattaya" and "The Pattaya Bible" the Money Number One series are a recommended read by thousands of experienced Thailand visitors both male and female when advising potential new visitors about the who, what, where and whys of Thailand long before the bags are packed to go, and indeed long after they have been unpacked on their return home.

Although the Money Number One books are available in paper back from the shelves of many of Thailand's reputable book stores, they can sometimes be a little late to procure in order to learn the valuable lessons contained within them after arriving in Thailand and are now available for instant download in PDF format.

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