Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why I Meet Pattaya Bar Girls Outside the Bar!

Pattaya is a magical place, truly one of it's kind. I really believe there is no other place with so many beautiful women in one place. Most guys who come to Pattaya on holiday go to the beer bars or go-go's to meet women, but what about those who have chosen to make Pattaya their home?

There can be many reasons why someone doesn't want to go the bars all the time. Maybe you get tired after a while of the same old places or you just don't like drinking so much.

In any case, there are plenty of opportunity to meet Pattaya girls outside the bars. In fact, many local expats and retirees prefer to try and meet women outside the bars.

The obvious advantage with Pattaya is that anywhere you go, there will be attractive women to talk to. You don't have to be in a bar to meet girls. What about the mall or the coffee shop. There are tons of women in Pattaya who would like to meet foreign guys, but are too shy to go to the bars. Some may like to go dancing in one of the Walking Street discos such as Insomnia or Lucifer, but many are too traditional for that even. That may sound hard to believe if you are used to bar girls, but the truth is lots of Thai girls work in the tourist industry or other places and have never been close to a bar. They would still like to meet a western gentleman though.

I say, get out of the bars and start talking to the ladies. All it takes is a smile and some small talk.

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