Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Horrid Dating Escape Maneuvers

     You have agreed to go on a date with someone, so there must be potential for some chemistry to develop. Be mindful that meeting someone for the first time does not necessarily mean you will like them the second time you see them. Recent online dating studies in Australia confirm that only 14% of first dates progress into second dates.
     Whether you have met someone at a bar or through a singles online dating site, there are many factors that can cloud your judgment. Bars and clubs are noisy and alcohol fueled, singles who post online dating profiles and use chat rooms frequently post information or photos that exaggerate their true characteristics. So by the time you meet a person for the second time, one on one, no noise or distractions, the real them, its the same as being with a total stranger, so its little wonder advancing onto a second date has low success rate statistics.
What do you do if you find yourself dating someone you first met a few days ago on an online dating site, but realize this person is nothing like you imagined as compared to their dating profile, or they are nowhere near as good looking as you remembered (thanks to the 6 -7 Vodka Red bulls that clouded your judgment last Friday night)?
     You have no choice but to end it. Be kind and thoughtful, as your date may not feel the same way you do. Arranging with your friends to send you a fake emergency text message is the oldest trick in the book, so just be straight up and tell the truth. Offer them some compliments that other people would find attractive, and just let them know they are not quite your type.
     Don't draw out the suffering and pretend your interested, ease your way out as fast as you can but without causing unnecessary drama. If there are no sparks happening but your date seems like a nice person, there is no need to rush away, who knows you may make a good friend, as long as you both understand nothing more can happen.

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