Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thai Bar Girl The 10 Commandments

Thailand is a country that many men go looking for some time with a beautiful girl, that many Westerners do not realize is that girls do this job, and as with all organizations that have rules that they try to follow. Bar Girls are the 10 commandments These rules follow to help each other, I get more money from customers and make life just a bit 'easier for all of them. Tenders have already beena very long time and have restored simply written over the years. This is my take.

Bar Girl Commandments

1) In the search for potential customers on a Friday or Saturday night is very important to be sure to get your customers properly. Thailand is full of Western teachers who do not deserve the English, a lot of money, would not be willing to part with a lot of money. It 'better to try to find a farang wearing elegant clothes with dress shoes. Western Italian Teachers in Thailand normally in work clothes and sneakers - they are usually not paid a lot of money in Thailand is not normally be prepared to party with a lot of money.

2) If you are a customer, you have to forget or not worry about weight if he smells very bad or very bad, even if the farang can tell you are not satisfied with it you should always tell me that he is beautiful and makes you happy. It 'important to remember that once you have paid> Bar, the rest is easy.

3) When a customer to leave Thailand, which is not the end of your work with them. It is essential to your customer receives an e-mail and stay in touch with them while they are back to their country of origin, makes it easier for you to get the customer back when he returned to Thailand. According to the e-mail service also means that the request for money from Farang, while they are at home. Most farang have soft heart and are happy to part withsome money if we do not believe it will help someone. A good way is to ask for money to say that having a sick buffalo, or that your mother / father was ill or had been pregnant, is the best way to ask for money.

4) farangs are very soft, and tears from her eyes, make it even sweeter! It 'important to be able to cry in the queue, this will give you much better chance of getting more money or gifts from the Farang. Thai girls have to produce crocodile ProTears.

5) Are you a customer for more than two nights, you have to take the request to buy it. Gold is an excellent location to get to see, will the customers happy, you wear while in Thailand and once it leaves you in a position to Put That point for more money. If the farang want to return to Thailand, it should ensure that its products are not all farmers.

6) If you work, and there are immigrants in the local bar, it is importantensure that you speak to your local dialect. Many farangs can now speak Thai, which make work more difficult for us, it is important that our local and regional dialects are only for Thais.

7) When you leave the customer in Thailand, go to the airport with him. More often than farang, thousands of baht from there on trips that did not use the most farang will be happy to give it to you, because that does not need this money in his country have left. If you say, Good ByeShe cries, and receive your e-mail because you will be able to convince him back to Thailand in the future.

8) It may be best to get customers in the Asian region, they know how to play our love and we have many brothers and sisters at home, have the need to eat, they will usually pay more than is a Farang (Japanese are known to pay very well)

9) When you leave the hotel customers, taxi to ask for money! No matter if you live nearby, this will help you get more200-300 Baht very easily. He complains about the Farang pay the taxi, remember the wines of the queue, since this is your ticket to more money. Explain to live far away and it is dangerous to walk.

10) If you do not make money in your city, it's time to move to another city. Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok are the best ways to find money with farangs.

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