Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hokkaido - the summer resort in Japan (2)

Summer is here and it's really humid. However, Hokkaido in Japan has different landscapes. The weather is crisp and bright beautiful countryside and plenty of goodies in Hokkaido attracts many tourists to spend the holiday at this resort.

It takes less than an hour from Asahikawa Furano, go to a town in southern Hokkaido. Furano is a famous city attractions. You can enjoy the experience, canoeing, balloon fire, and other dynamic elementsFuran. You can also enjoy ripe melon and cheese made with fresh milk.

When it comes to summer in Hokkaido, do not miss the lavender fields of Furano. Lavender in bloom, the whole purple dye Furano and make the most beautiful season in the summer here. Large lavender field in Furano case, the spectacular landscape. Because of the beautiful scenes here Furano is often regarded as a place of photography in movies and fiction. Enjoy the soft ice cream asWalk around the field of lavender. How beautiful!

Since the climate is similar in Furano Provence in France, people began to grow lavender and extract substantially since 1955. Farms in Furano can be divided into five areas flower: the flower field, field of happiness, the range of fragrances, lavender fields and bright flowers. The first four fields are fields of lavender purple with dark colors and bright colors. While box of colorful flowers, a long piece is yellow with purple flower,flowers, green, red and white, and looks just like a colorful carpet. July is the most beautiful season in a year. So when the opportunity to go to this place and just watch.

After a contact with nature, you can izakaya, located on Spring Street, and go there to relax. There are many shops and hotels in the city of Asahikawa. Do you enjoy the pleasure of shopping in the mall and the device stores.

Another placeIt is worth mentioning that the Five-seven Leisure Street. There are a lot of local cuisine. On the streets with a strong sense of nostalgia, you can see, great restaurants and small shops, the bakery, fresh fish, shellfish and plants cook anywhere. The street food with nostalgia and freshness, you will surely experience a wonderful journey.

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