Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thailand's best beaches Party

Thailand is the place to go if you enjoy lively holidays. Has some of the most visually impressive beaches in the south-east Asia and focus on nightlife. While it is also quieter, more relaxed beaches, most tourists head to Thailand for the game.

Celebrations in Pattaya

Although a little 'race to the bottom, is the oldest festival in Pattaya beach in Thailand. This is a couple of hours south of Bangkok by road and many hotels> Bar per capita than anywhere else in Thailand. The actual Pattaya beach is not as good as other resorts on the beaches of the first floor, but she is busy and the principal point of contact for days.

By night, Pattaya comes into its own really. If you are drinking water, food and women of the night, this is the right place. The prices here are always cheaper than other popular beach resorts and there are hundreds of bars to choose from, from standardbodies Hole-in-the-wall water expat pubs, go gos, and all the nightlife.

The most vibrant part of the Walking Street in the south of the beach. And 'no cars at night and wall to wall bars and girls. Even if he has the reputation bar, a bit' undisciplined 's Pattaya volunteers are patrolled by tourist police.

Lounging in Phuket

Thailand, the second largest party in the popular beach of Patong way down in south-westof Thailand on the west side of Phuket. The beach and the atmosphere in Phuket Pattaya-up is an absolute, but the prices for housing, food, beer and women are steeper. Phuket has fully recovered from the devastation wrought by the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Patong Beach is much more ordered to Pattaya Beach, has a few more waves and more pleasant walk away. Soi Bangla, directly behind the beach, drinking water is most important. And 'literally steps from the sand andany kind of bar you can imagine. Responsible for the south side of the road for cheaper, less in-yer-face bars, and north for more serious action.

The gay area of Patong is located on the second street parallel to the beach from the Paradise Complex. Although almost everything is in Patong, there is a lot less seedy Pattaya, there are more quality beaches in the north and south. Furthermore, contrary to Pattaya, Phuket has its own internationalAirport with flights from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Getting Down to Samui

third largest beach in Thailand happens Chaweng Beach on the island of Koh Samui. E 'in the Gulf of Thailand and comes with an airport, flights are still here much more expensive than the first as an airline, Bangkok Airways and Phuket airport has a monopoly.

Chaweng Beach is located on the east coast of Koh Samui, as is commonly known. It is the largest islandBeach and has the best spread of the arrangement. The prices here are generally higher as Patong and Pattaya, but the beach is beautiful and a bit 'more exclusive. Everything is low-rise and restaurants open on the beach at night, while just behind the beach is a string of pumping bar.

Full Moon Fever in Phangnan

Another is that the lively beach of Hat Rin Phangnan north of Samui island. This is a crazy night of the year, while thelegendary Full Moon Party. Backpackers come from far and wide to drink and party on the beach here, but for the rest of the month is much quieter. Phangnan is a bit 'of pain to reach, since it does not have an airport. It is accessed by ferry from Samui.

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