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Washington, DC a bargain Travel Guide

Welcome to Washington, DC - The nation's capital is a city with public museums and monuments galore, but also hidden treasures that should not be overlooked. Whether you're in Georgetown, downtown, or even in Northern Virginia, and if you're alone, hanging with friends, or planning a romantic date, we offer suggestions for restaurants, bars and activities, will meet your needs - all with a limited budget.

To start we have a list of restaurants offering a wideValue to go with exceptional food. Then there are some bars with specialty goods that you'd be crazy not to try. We share some activities that go on only visit the Capitol. We also combine some of our favorite ideas for the portfolio a "reasonable time" Bring your own, you can see everything as other ideas to help you impress you girl (or boy) without emptying friend.


Miss Saigon (3,057 m St NW, Georgetown) - This VietnameseThe restaurant is a few others, as supplemented - but none quite good - as you rightly Georgetown in force. Take a look at the menu and you can find a filling portion of meat, vegetables and rice for between $ 10 and $ 12 Our favorite is the Caramel Chicken with ginger in a clay pot, but if you read the whole menu You can check out here with menus DC!

Sarris Tom 'New Orleans House (1213 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington) - Hop off the Metro at Rosslyn stop and walk one block southBest Prime Rib in town. Dinner appetizers cost between $ 10 - $ 15, depending on the amount of meat you want, but it is also unlimited travel on the salad bar, and is not an ordinary salad bar. The Steamboat-shaped bar has more than 30 salad dressings, 7 dressings and piles of warm bread. Take care, or will never be hungry when your slate of first rib arrives. It would be really losing a great value for a good cut of meat. The atmosphere is certainly memorable as well. Insidewindows, the ornate decor to lead to believe that actually allowed on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!

Bangkok Bistro (3251 Prospect St NW, Georgetown) - Find all the classic Thai foods at this hip Georgetown. Start with a Thai iced tea for a sweet and creamy version of the traditional (they have no half and half''). Then you can put a dinner of hors d 'oeuvres for less than $ 10 - all with a salad and your choice of tangerine vinaigrette, peanut, or begincreamy garlic dressing (I suggest the peanut - you are in a Thai restaurant). If you're in the mood to show off, try sharing the Sweet Surrender (fried coconut Shrimp). You want something that is not too crazy? The Thai BBQ Chicken has received rave reviews. And of course if you do not know what to take, you can not go wrong with the pad thai.

Ollie's Trolley (12th and E St NW, Downtown) - If you like the center and are greasy goodness, Ollie has to go then the square. Easy to reachred and yellow decorations on the windows and happy chef cutout visit home atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The famous "Olliefries," French fries with Ollie's secret seasoning, are a sure crowd puller. Game with a beefy burger and a thick milkshake, all for less than $ 8

Drink Specials

to Rock Bottom (4238 Wilson Boulevard, Ballston Mall, Arlington) - Sure, it's a chain, but their selection of beers, nightly specials are quitethe local pub. Arrive early in Wednesday night to use $ 1 L! But be ready to clock 06:00, as, bars are packed. Four "usual" and four special provide enough selection for everyone, from light to dark drinkers and all those in between. And strange as it may seem to drink in the mall, we can not complain - it just makes learning that much easier! You can Ballston Mall garage or take the metro to Ballston exit, which leadsdirectly in the mall.

Tom-Tom (The strip of Adams Morgan) - Adams Morgan can offer some great deals during the week and group therapy and one of the best around. This Thursday night special offers four beers and four (small) shots for only $ 10! As an added bonus, the bar offers a variety of old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo for those who want their youth to recover a bit '.

Tombs (Prospect and 36th St. NW, Georgetown) - 1789 is located in the basement under the pubpopular with the Georgetown University crowd, offers relatively cheap beer and made some great deals on food. Busch light is always $ 1.60 for a cup and $ 7.00 for a pitcher. The drink prices rise from there. For those with the highest expectations, the graves on Sunday night half-price bottles of wine to come. (This offer is also available Clyde's on M Street in Georgetown, which is under the management of same.) If you are hungry, passing from 03/10 17:00 or after the clock for a variety of inexpensive foodsas hamburgers, sandwiches, chicken fingers and pizza.

Morton (3251 Prospect St NW, Georgetown, 1050 Connecticut Ave, Downtown) - Believe it or not, everyone can afford to drink at Morton, if you go the right day! Every Monday is "Mortini Night" in this world-famous steakhouse. While this normally blow the budget, stop by the bar 5-7pm for $ 4 martinis and complimentary (but small) filet mignon sandwiches. Call (202) 342-6258 (Georgetown), or(202) 955-5997 (Downtown) for more information.


National Zoo (3001 Connecticut Ave NW, Woodley Park) - Home to the famous giant panda promises of DC and many other exotic creatures, a trip to the National Zoo for some adventure and exercise without a penny will cost you. The entrance to the zoo is free (or at least already paid with your federal taxes) and parking is $ 4 for the first hour, $ 12 for two three hours ago, and $ 16 for more than three hours. You can alsoTake the Metro stop: the use of the Cleveland Park Metro stop on the way there and Woodley Park, if you leave so that you do not back up! From April to October is the construction of 10 Clock Clock open until 18:00 from November to March, closed at 430pm. The zoo is an excellent place to enjoy the great outdoors and a break from the hectic pace of DC.

Drug Enforcement Agency (700 Army Navy Drive Hayes Street, across from the Pentagon City Mall, Arlington) - This small museum provides asurprising amount of information about, yup, drugs. Most of the exhibition on the history of drugs in America, the introduction of morphine, heroin and cocaine 19th Century techniques of today to fight drug trafficking. The most fascinating part, however, is the end where we learn to crack (a surprising tidbit I did not expect the government to have, then, with any future)! There is no admission fee, but the museum is only on Tuesdaysto Friday, from 10.00 a 04:00 clock.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Dulles, Chantilly, VA) - The off-site extension of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) offers the advantages that do not fit the Downtown Mall location. See an SR-71 Blackbird, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and an Air France Concorde all in one place. You can also climb the observation tower and watch the planes depart and arrive at Dulles International Airport. The doors are open from 10.00 to 17.30 clock seven days a week.Admission is free, but is $ 12 to park. You can also use the NASM shuttle from the museum shopping center for $ 12/ride (or less if you buy more tickets). The bus departs every 1.5 hours, from 9:00 a 05:00 clock.

Ice Skate on the Downtown Mall (700 Constitution Ave in the sculpture garden, Downtown) - a fun outdoor activities on a day otherwise received winter, says the National Gallery of Art, an ice rink in front of the shopping center from November mid-March. Skating for two hours costs$ 7 ($ 6 with ID), if you do not own skates, you can rent for $ 3 and there is $ 0.50 and a compartment for shoes and bags (to rent plus a deposit of $ 5). The track is easily accessible from the Archives-Navy Memorial and Gallery Place metro stops.

Canoe the Potomac (Jack's Boats, 3500 K St NW under Key Bridge, Georgetown) - Take K Street until the end, right under Key Bridge, and will be a hut on the left called Jack's Boats. Here you can rent a canoe or kayak,depending on your energy level, and spend a warm day floating across the Potomac. You can do it on the blade of Roosevelt Island, some exploring and get seemingly lost to venture off the beaten track. Prices at a distance of Jack Boats for $ 8 an hour to bring up to $ 25 for the day and make money safe, because we do not accept credit cards.

Bike along the C & O Canal (Fletcher's Boathouse, 4940 Canal Rd at Reservoir Road, Georgetown) - If you want a little 'get off the beaten track,Fletcher's Boathouse offers the best prices for rental bikes ($ 8 for two hours or $ 12 per day) and also access to the best route - right along the C & O Canal. You and your significant other can take the path north into the wilderness, and admire the beautiful landscape, does not expect so close to the city (I suggest early fall when the leaves begin to change) and to find a history of "castles" that guided boats through the canal or south, in the heart of DC, and Tourmonuments in cycling and a break on the grass near the Potomac to admire the view. Not that you want to go in winter, but Fletchers is only open from March to autumn. How to get there.

Cheap Dates

Benihana (M Street and Wisconsin, the lower level of Georgetown Park Mall, Georgetown) - While this hibachi restaurant is normally a place that is quite expensive, offering a great Early Bird Special first clock 07:30. Unlike most of the "Early Bird"Specials, this offers plenty of good food and very few elderly. For $ 12.95 you have a choice of several appetizers, the chef in front of you, like soup, salad and barbecue, and an appetizer. The tropical drinks can be expensive on the page, but can be a fun splurge. If by chance you're still hungry after dinner, try the tempura ice cream for dessert.

Chef Geoff's (13th St NW between E and F Sts, Downtown or 3201 New Mexico Ave, near American University) -Another establishment with great early specials is Chef Geoff's. Here you can get a 3 course "Theatre Special" at the downtown location every day from 4:00 a 06:30 clock for only $ 23.95, or you can obtain the agreement, but that the "Sunset Special" $ 19.95 for the location near American University. Why the price difference? The menu selection and atmosphere at the central location are slightly higher. Check out the possibilities for each 3 course meal here. They offerquite the variety - from pork chops and salmon to fish and chips and pizza!

Thomas Sweet (3214 P St NW, from Wisconsin Ave, Georgetown) - If you are a good casual or first date, but I will not ask someone special to you another cup of coffee, try an ice cream should seek Thomas Sweet in Georgetown . Your ice cream is served in the White House to make this place is a landmark, DC offers a wide selection and low prices. The lines are very long, but this canAfter a while a conversation with the perfect date.

can National Mall (Downtown) - While it may clich├ęs, a trip to the National Mall and the monuments of a great thing to do with a date. During the day, pack a picnic, a tomb of ice of the many street vendors, enjoy throwing a Frisbee or just sit and watch people. At night, the monuments are illuminated and can be a great place for a romantic walk in.

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