Sunday, October 31, 2010

Turkish Gulet Cruises - Enjoy your vacation in a natural way

Sailing Turkey on a gulet is an unforgettable experience, where you can explore the beauty of the Turkish coast. You can enjoy your holiday in Turkey gulet with hot and unforgettable look at a very attractive country.

A turkish gulet is a sailboat made of wood and propelled by a motor. These are great move Turkey Gulets Sailing as a means of secondary water. turkish gulet cruises are arranged on rental basis with different durations.The devices often include libraries, air conditioning, private cabins, main cabin catering dining table and bar.

In addition, there is a strong team, friendly and experienced on a turkish gulet, to share the charm of the area. Modern Gulets Turkey with showers and hot water. In addition to this Caiques have modern equipment such as navigation, fishing and diving equipment, along with musical systems.

Turkey is a country withbeautiful beaches to discover as much. By land you would have to spend long hours of grueling traffic. However, it is an easy way to receive complaints, joint pains and worries get from your holiday, just by opting for a holiday in Turkey Gulet.

Sailing Turkey on a gulet is very relaxing, because you do not disturb the movement from one place to another. The experienced crew controls and manages the Gulet and offers complete privacy on the whole trip.

Most of TurkeySchooners are designed with festivals in mind. They are customized to meet your needs. There are indoor and outdoor rooms, where you sit, sunbathe and can move over the landscape. E 'to enjoy nature at its best.

You can choose the length and type of activities for your holiday in turkish gulet. You can according to your request for a short trip with a lesser activity or a longer journey to decide to do more things.

Destinations vary from MarmarisKos and Rhodes. The activities offered are varied nature of historical research to go clean to swim in warm water. A Gulet Turkey to you and your family one of the best scenic boat trips. Some sites that provide key when you move to vacation in Turkey Bodrum Gulet, Cokertme, Cati Lagoon, English Harbour, Marmaris Cleopatra and Iceland.

Bodrum, where many civilizations flourished, is home to the ruins of the mausoleum, one ofof the Seven Wonders of the World. Cokertme is a large bay on the north coast of Gokova It 's the place where cruising sailors get water and provisions for further study. Next in line is Laguna and Cati, as the name is beautiful lagoon where you can swim.

Cleopatra's Island has a history, the white sand here was supported by the Egyptian princess Cleopatra, so this is the name of this place purchased. Marmaris is situated on a bay, rugged mountains full of pine-Background. It 's a great place for sailing and water sports. If you are interested in live entertainment, no bar, live dance, running all night for your pleasure. It will be very popular with sailing Turkey.

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    Turkey's indigenous sea-going vessel, the gullet, blend practicality and tradition in a relaxed style that embodies the Blue Voyage. It is hard to imagine a more totally relaxing holiday than one aboard a traditional Turkish gulet as it sails or motors along the heart-stoppingly beautiful Turquoise coast. Thanks...

    Cruise Turkey