Saturday, October 30, 2010

wonderful stay in beautiful hotels in Pattaya City Attractions

Pattaya, a city in Thailand, the ions on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Although it is a small fishing village, but was now rank in the list of the best beaches in the world, it is counted as a major tourist destination. The city of Pattaya, the crisis came at the end of the Vietnam War but of modern mass tourism has brought life to Pattaya. This is a community self-managed by the operator of the Governing Council controlled. His position as aof the most popular destinations, hotels in Pattaya in the world has led to the creation of a large number. The healthy new image has seen a sharp increase in family tourism.

Pattaya, about 145 km south of Bangkok, near the city, occupied most of the coast to Banglamung, one of eleven counties comprising the province of Chonburi. In addition to Pattaya Beach, a beach, there are many beaches to Jomtien beach, which isand in better shape with lovely friendly atmosphere focused more broadly. hotels in Pattaya beaches are famous for this for the provision of world class accommodation to its tourists.

Hotel Pattaya, the main beach, near the city center is approximately is located close to shops, bars and restaurants. Speed boats and jet skies have taken a lot of wealth for the recovery of the tourists. Some of the most important places of interest for tourists in Pattayaare: -

Amphoe Ko Si Chang-O is made up of many places of tourist interest. Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine, located in the hills north of the island is, of course, an architectural masterpiece, which is observed by Chinese and Thai. It offers panoramic views of the island. Hat Tham Phang, a sloping beach on the leeward side of the island is a perfect place to swim with a quiet and relaxed. It also has some of the building near sin as Phra ChuthathutRatchathani and Si Chang Palace.
O Noongar Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, the garden is most beautiful and largest botanical garden in Southeast Asia. You can easily run into fascinating and impressive Thai culture and dance performances. Mini-Zoo and elephant show are also available.
O Underwater World Pattaya - it is a leisure attraction presents the rich diversity of marine life. Next to her, there are many recreational and educational activities at the beautifulSeaside resort. Journey to the bottom of the sea, sandy beaches and natural pools along the shallow sea is wonderful. It 'easy to look at colorful coral, large schools of fish and exotic marine life.

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