Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Read This Before Dating a Thai Bar Girl

Thailand is world renowned for their red-light districts. Many Western men visit the country every year on business or on vacation and visit some of the many go-go bars in many parts of the country. While the bar girl scene in all actuality is a very small part of the countries culture, it is often widely talked about in Western cultures.

Some men visit a bar and fall in love with one of the beautiful Thailand bar girls and attempt to Date of them. These men quickly discover that this woman is not as simple as a normal Thai girl. In fact, I recommend you leave your heart at the threshold of these structures and find a real Thai girl to date. But if you're adventurous, here are five things you should know before bar girl in Thailand.

1. Most of the Thai bar girls have little or no training

Many of the women you see in the red light district of Bangkoksuch as Patpong or along the beachfronts in Pattaya or Patong Beach on Phuket are not locals. Many of them are from the Eastern part of the country known as Isan. Other girls come from the North and are often not even Thai citizens but residents of Burma, Cambodia or some of the hill-tribe regions between countries. These women likely have little education and in many cases, cannot speak much English.

2. Thai bar girls have a very street smart.

Formal education aside, Thai bar girls have a very keen street sense. Never underestimate a woman that's worked in a Thai go-go bar. She will look sweet, beautiful, sexy and innocent but she may also have anterior motives in the relationship.

3. To bar girls, money is very important.

In many situations, the money that a Thai bar girl brings in for a nights work is many times sent home to take care of parents or their own children that they have. So unless you have a decent amount of money and are willing to support her family, she'll likely not be interested. This fact is something that has plagued real Thai ladies in the past. Note to Western men, NOT ALL THAI WOMEN THINK THAT MONEY IS IMPORTANT!

4. Thai bar girls like their line of work

It's true! And that is the most difficult about getting into a serious relationship with a Thai bargirl. You want to "save" them from their line of work, but they don't want to be saved. They make very good money compared to other things they could be doing. This gives the bar girl a great amount of personal freedom. This personal freedom will be difficult for the lady to part with if asked. If a man tries to take a Thai bar girl out of the bar, he'll find it to be very difficult unless she's truly done with that scene and ready to settle down.

5. It is rare, but there are success stories

There are some success stories of Western men dating and sometimes happily marrying a bar girl he met while on the job. Unfortunately, I don't personally know of anyone that has been successful in settling down with one. But I'm certain it has happened a time or two.

The best advise I can give is to go and enjoy your time in Thailand however you wish to spend it. Just be careful when dating Thai bar girls and remember to heed my advise.

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