Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pattaya Discos

In Pattaya, the discos start around 9pm at night, with a few night spots remaining open until 9am at dawn. These types of clubs range in dimensions, the kind of music, starting time and kinds of visitors.

The hottest Pattaya night clubs for international visitors at the moment include Lucifer Disco, Club Insomnia, Marine and Mixx disco. Well-known evening spots include Candy Shop and Walking Street Club. Lucifer disco has hip hop and r&b music, Club Insomnia hosts techno and hypnotic trance songs, Marine disco has dance and techno songs whilst Mixx discotheque has hiphop and r&b.

Insomnia Pattaya is relatively new in relation to the other clubs but it has rapidly grown to become the number hot spot.

Whilst all of the night clubs are usually available to all visitors coming from all over the world a few of the night clubs have a unique kind of customers. Star Dice in Naklua accommodates mainly Asian visitors coming from Korea, Japan as well as Taiwan. Mixx,, Tony disco and Yen Sabai night clubs focus on mainly the Arab-speaking tourists to Pattaya. Walking Street Club, Lucifer as well as Mixx are well-liked by the African American tourists.

Most of the night clubs in Pattaya will not demand an entry payment; however they do need you to purchase a minimum of one beverage, occasionally two, over the course of your evening.

Lucifer Pattaya is the second most popular nightspot with live bands playing hip hop every night except for Mondays when Lucifer hosts a female and couples dance contest with the winner receiving a bottle of whiskey.

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