Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thailand is safe to visit?

As long-time resident of Thailand I have an idea of Thailand, if it is safe for tourists or those staying longer.

There are usually multiple instances of dangerous activity taking place in the country from any point in time. I will be more important in areas where foreigners must take extra precautions to stay safe during their stay.

Bangkok, Thailand's capital, and 'the basis for political movements. The country has not seen the political stabilityin a very long time. Some might say that has never been stable in modern times. Currently, there are groups of red shirt and yellow shirt groups that are in opposition. The Army is committed to military coups and sometimes stage - and there are always struggling - and sometimes deadly groups facing each other and try to change the power structure that exists. This is a constant struggle, and no matter who is in power at the moment, there are clashes in Bangkok.

The problemsare compounded when the police and military are called to maintain order in the streets ... sometimes the hand is heavy and kill at the end of the demonstrators. This does not help the situation and increase from there.

As a visitor to Thailand you do not want to spend a holiday or even time in Bangkok when he bombs and military and / or the police on the streets to control the demonstrations. It 's just a bad idea. It is not certain, and will not have agood time. If all that come to Thailand for themselves spending time in Bangkok, choose a time when peace broke out in the country, or at least a small risk of violence.

Another area that is often not safe - and for now it is not, is in the deep south. Muslim separatists conducted in the southern provinces of Thailand have a violent campaign against the two Thai Muslims and Thai Buddhists who have no ties with their radical organization. E 'was about 3000Deaths in the South in recent years, although there are no foreigners are known to have been killed any. Tourism officials in Thailand is not advisable for foreigners who visit this southernmost provinces and would be well advised to limit their trips to other provinces.

Natural disasters such as the devastating tsunami of 2004 have the option of recourse at any time, even though the odds seem high that a similar experience in Thailand in the near future.

Pattaya, PatongBeach, Patpong, and other tourist areas are full of bad news at night. There are robberies and attacks occur at night, but if you're not one of those girls or boys fine lady for a night of fun in your room is a bar, probably OK. There are a number of things you should know about Thai culture - that goes far beyond this article in my last paragraph of this article, I will give you another resource that will help tremendously ..

Pattaya is safe?Sometimes. Patong Beach is safe? More often than Pattaya, yes. Patpong is safe? Not so sure, in general, no, do not consider myself safe.

The size may vary during your trip if you plan to use the fun of the carnival adult in Thailand. You can also beat and in the hospital or you can have a perfectly safe time to indulge in spite of outrageous nightlife. E 'for me, a general statement on the fact that Thailand is safe to give hardall men, because all people are different.

The last time anyone hazard a guess there were about 100,000 foreigners living in Thailand as a long-term migrants here for more than a holiday. During a typical year, when there's a lot of political fighting in Bangkok, more than 12 million foreign tourists appreciate the country. Very few of them have a problem with their physical safety while they are here. Most of them take some precautions. Many of them are oftenVisitors.

Visiting or residing in Thailand can be dangerous, or it may be relatively safe and fun. Probably the biggest factor in the equation you are. Are you the type who seeks no problems or no effort to avoid problems that could be found in Thailand. If you are not experienced in the country are probably a matter of a substantial benefit from research more about Thai culture and the experiences of foreigners in the country.

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