Friday, November 5, 2010

On vacation? Pattaya

Want to go on holiday? If sometimes in May, I suggest that the body will make you happy and relaxed?

Pattaya City Chonburi, is the fun in the near Bangkok, Thailand (147 km) is the city of joy and nightlife. You can always beer 24 hours a day and sit on the bench girls drink beer to enjoy with the beautiful Pattaya.

Walking Street is the only place you've visited in your life. The site is surroundedmany restaurants, pubs and bars

Above all, Thai food and seafood. It 'delicious and the price is reasonable. After finishing the meal, you can sit back and relax, or walk all the pubs, live music or karaoke night club also available.

During the day, you can enjoy the sun or walk there is not much to put in place, you should visit such as Mini Siam Pattaya, Royal Garden, believe it or not Ripley, Alangkarn Show,Tiffany & Alcazar Show, the underwater world.

If you want to visit are the natural place "Suan Nong Nuch Garden" its very nice garden, you too can enjoy your life on the beach all day, especially on the beach of Jomtien beach is very beautiful.

Why you should Pattaya? At this point you might know or not sure. Another thing that you want your holiday does not go, while accommodation Pattaya.

There are a lot of accommodationYou can choose to stay in Pattaya If you have a lot of time for your holiday. (Most do)

I suggest you stay in an apartment or guest house, extended stay and bargaining for the best price, the price is acutally between 300-500 dollars a month (all inclusive) are located. It will save you more money for other things as payment for the rooms and use the cost you can enjoy everything exactly the same as the one to stay at the hotel, and the electionService.

Until now it's up to you where you should go, but for me, I think that Pattaya is the place to visit once in their lifetimes.

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